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Selection of equipment

 «STANKOINVEST» company actively cooperates with foreign partners for the effective solution of complex production tasks of the Customer, successfully applying checked and innovation western technologies for national machine building enterprises.

At that flexible approach is provided to integration of offered solutions with existing or projected technological chain.

Specialists of our company have all necessary knowledge and experience for the selection of production equipment for all purposes. Moreover, additional calculations will be done that will help to use the selected equipment in the most effective way. Also there is possibility to calculate the payback, production scheduling, calculation of process utilization, production layout, integration or processing of control system for the new equipment, tooling backup.

Solution of Customer’s tasks is the priority for our company, at that the selection of equipment is one of the stages of systematic approach. Our specialists are governed, first of all, by aims that must be reached by the Customer, and equipment, selected by our company can provide necessary profitability index, cost, and production.

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