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Foundry equipment

«STANKOINVEST» – is Russian engineering company, specialized in integration of technologies and realization of projects on die casting of nonferrous metals, chill casting of nonferrous metals, iron and steel casting in sand-clay. 

Main technological solutions:

Casting of work pieces out of iron and steel in sand-clay.

This technology includes grounding and selection of equipment for areas:

  • Moulding (hydraulic multi-piston moulder, frames assembly and closing line, frames traveling cars, feeding lines, casting lines, casting knockout and unloading machine, automated core shake)
  • Preparation of sand mix (hoppers, mixers, dedusting equipment)
  • Rod equipment  (Shellmoulding, Croning , ColdandHotbox) (hoppers, sand blasting machine, gas generator, amines clarifier)

Die casting and chill casting of nonferrous metals.

This technology assumes existence of three areas:

  • Melting area. (melting furnaces, holding furnaces and furnace for metal bulging)
  • Die and chill casting area (automated die casting complexes, chill casting machines, conveyors)
  • Area for mechanical processing of castings (chipping presses, mechanical processing lines and equipment)

      «STANKOINVEST» realizes projects of high productive casting workshops of any complexity and size, using both out own knowledge and experience and knowledge and experience of leading suppliers of casting equipment.

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