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  • Solutions for machining
  • Solution for sheet-metal working
  • Equipment for galvanazing and water treatment
  • Metrological provision of production
  • Tools and accessories 

Solutions for Machining

Since 1969 FPT INDUSTRIE S.p.A. company produces boring and cutting machines with CNC, designed for general machinery and productions of dies and press-moulds.


As a result of merging of two companies NicolásCorrea and  IndustriasAnayak, NicolasCorrea, S.A. company becomes the leader in equipment production for the machining of medium and large work pieces.


Company was founded in 1929. The enterprises are located in North Italy and have approximate area of 100.000 sq. m. Staff is comprised of 95 employees, including workers, clerks and managers, and also external workers.


(Vertical turning lathes of carousel type)

Stock company «ČKD BLANSKO-OS, a.s.» is within  the largest Czech machinery enterprises with rich traditions within this sphere, and is a member of consolidated union of «ALTA» group.


Company was founded in 1944.

The need to meet the ever increasing demands of the market, led the company to decide on the transformation of the dealer in the designer and manufacturer of multi-spindle automatic lathes.

Group expands on the company - WICKMAN, MONEO (today TAJMAC-FRANCE), in 2000 the Czech company ZPS (today TAJMAC-ZPS), and then on the company ZPS-SLÉVÁRNA, ZPS-GO, ZPS-TRANSPORT and TECNIMETAL CZ. In Germany, the company was founded TAJMAC-MSW, in the USA - ZPS-CNC USA. Following acquisitions in 2006 was the French firm MANURHIN K'MX. The newest member is the company ZPS AMERICA.


Models of long turning automatic lathe with CNC MAIER embody the result of long lasting experience, successfully implemented innovation technologies and continuous following to the Customers’ requirements. Lathe construction appeared in the result of clear understanding: to design and produce lathes of the highest quality manually. Lathes, capable of performing high-quality machining with perfect accuracy and within the shortest possible period of time.


In the result of integration of two companies InnseBerardi the product range became very diversified, including products for energy industry, shipbuilding, earthwork operations, general mechanical works, metallurgical industry, railway and sea transport. 


The enterprise WALDRICH COBURG is one of the world’s leaders in the production of large-dimensioned machines. Main priorities during the manufacturing of the equipment – the highest quality standards and constant orientation to the client’s needs.


TOS VARNSDORF a. s., is a machine building company, located in Varnsdorf, founded in 1903. The company specializes in production of heavy boring machines with CNC or DRO. Previously the plant was named StrojimyAmoPlauert («Machine building plant ArnoPlauert»). Any boring machine with CNC, manufactured by TOS VARNSDORF can be supplied in its standard version or with ATC.


The company develops the tradition of production machines, introduced 152 years ago. After moving company is located in the modern enterprise in Čelákovice. Development and production of machines under the brand name TOS continues machines successfully shipped worldwide.


LLC «ТОS OLOMOUC» is one of the traditional manufacturers of knee milling machines. The bigger part of the products is exported. Tradition of LLC  «ТОS OLOMOUC» begins since 1922, when «Wagner» company was founded, it produced electrical facilities. Centerless grinding machine, initially designed for the needs of own production, became in 1935 the basis for the production of machines.


TOSHULIN Company is one of the leading manufacturers of vertical turning-and-burning lathes, allowing to perform the following operations: drilling, thread milling, milling and grinding, and also performance of all operations of carousel type.


Italian company, with over 100 employees, produces metal working machines since 1963. It hac branches in USA, France and Russia. 


Alesamonti company adheres to the principle that its customers must receive high-efficiency machines. For over 50 years company has been working on this and continues to sustain the quality of its products.


ELB-SCHLIFF Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH has been producing surface- and profile-grinding machines for 50. Nowadays the machine line contains wide range of standard surface- and thread-milling machines, special machines, designed for the specified work piece.


The main activity of the company is the production of machine tools and lathes deep drilling and boring with CNC or without it. Due to the special design technology has the ability to produce innovative machines.

Production program includes lathes, honing machines, deep hole drilling machines.


PROFIROLL TECHNOLOGIES GmbH was founded in 1943 in BadDuben and is the world’s leader in production of equipment and tools for cold shaping without chips removing.

Solutions For sheet metal working

EHT Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH 

German company EHT Werkzeugmaschinen– is one of the oldest companies – manufacturers of the equipment for sheet-metal machining. The company was founded in 1770. More on

Equipment for galvanazing industries and water treatment


Dr. Ing. Max Schlötter GmbH & Co. KG, is one of the leading European manufacturers and package suppliers for  galvanizing productions.


  • electroplating lines
  • development of electrochemical processes
  • supply of chemicals and additives for the needs of electroplating

      Metrological Provision of  Production


      DR. SCHNEIDER MESSTECHNIK (Germany) – company, founded in 1947, is within the five largest European manufacturers of optical measuring units. SchneiderMesstechnik produces optical measuring equipment, for laboratories and industrial use.


      TESA (Switzerland) — largest manufacturer of high quality linear-angular measuring tools and control system.


      OPTACOM (Germany) — the company designs and produces equipment  for the roughness and contour control.


      Founded in 2005 on the basis of design department of CarlZeiss, Jena company specializes in engineering and production of high accuracy horizontal length measuring device.


      One of the largest world manufacturers of linear-angular measuring units.


      International company, founded 1949 and having several branches in Europe, specializing in package supplies of measuring units.


      For over 70 years the company has been leading manufacturer of linear-angular measuring units and systems.


      Is successfully working at the international market of standard equipment. Main products of the company — high quality vertical length measuring device.


      Private Italian company, founded in 1982. The company designs and produces high quality video microscopes for several spheres (tool engineering, electronics, medicine, publishing industry).




      Tool for cutting threads any standards, as well as shaped surfaces. Products of the company are widely used in the manufacture of pipe fittings.


      The company manufactures tools for drilling, milling and turning.


      Company FERG, S.L. - Specializes in producing axial tool for tapping into a variety of materials. The production uses materials produced by the standards FERG. Standards of FERG exceed generally accepted standards of quality. All materials are supplied for the production of tools are subject to rigorous quality control in laboratory FERG.


      Range of tool and machine tool accessories include DIN 2080 and DIN 69871 (GOST 25827), Morse taper, KM, Capto, JIS B 6339 (MAS BT), MAHO, VDI, DIN 69893 (HSK), shtreveli (pulling bolts), boring , thread-cutting, anti-vibration tooling, modular systems, USP, jigs, Shrinkfit, cartridges, centers, collets and chucks.


      Manufacturer of high-quality and cost-effective tooling (DIN 69871 AD / B, DIN 2080, JIS B 6339 (MAS 403 BT) AD / B, DIN 69893 (ISO 12164-1) HSK, DIN 69880 (ISO 10889-1) VDI, MT, MT DIN 228-1 A, DIN 228-1 B).


      The Spanish company produces Kendu monolithic and composite carbide cutters for high performance machining of steel, hard-and composite materials since 1976.


      Italian manufacturer of high speed steel drill bits (HSS, HSS-Co, HSS-Co 8%, HSS-PM). Also in the product line includes drill concrete and wood, extractors, drills, taps and dies HSS.


      The company has headquarters in several European countries. The range includes tools for milling, turning, drilling, tapping, rezbonakatki, high deployment hobbing.

      MCT Pilana

      MCT Pilana-one of the largest European manufacturers of tools for metal cutting, leading its history since 1934. Product quality is maintained at the highest European level, used only materials of the best quality, at the same level of product prices significantly lower than similar products from other manufacturers due to lower production costs.

      Narex zdanice

      The company specializes in the manufacture of taps and dies.

      The range comprises complete and machine taps of HSS, HSSE HSSE-PM-plated TiN, TiCN, TiALN threads for M, MF, G, UNF, UNC. The order can be manufactured: NPT, RP, RC, UNEF, UN, UNS, UNJ, TR, Rd, BSW, BSF, BSC, W

      Pilsen Tools

      Produces tooling and machine accessories. Since 1999. Is a modern and highly effective instrument maker

      In product line includes machine-tool and tooling:

      • mandrel with cones ISO (30 - 60)
      • mandrels with morse taper to MK120,
      • transitional mandrel
      • centers
      • clamps,
      • special mandrel designed for individual drawings

        Pramet Tools

        Pramet Tools, s.r.o. - Instrument maker of sintered metal carbide metalworking and forming in Central and Eastern Europe.

        Product range . Tool for machining:
        Carbide cutting plates for turning, milling, drilling , and other special operations.

        Milling and turning tools , drills with SMP , the pressure treatment:

        Tool for drawing and forming
        • O-rings and bushings
        • Tool for packaging machinery
        • Tool for hot and cold rolling
        • Structural components with high wear resistance , special tool and workpiece
        Billets of hard alloys : 
        • Indexable cutting plates brazed
        • Tool handling pressure
        • Structural components for machinery and equipment

            SECO Tools

            SECO Tools is a leader in developing and supplying carbide metalworking tools and related accessories for machining, as well as knowledge of the blade and its processing methods. SECO range of tools includes more than 20,000 products - everything from the spindle to the cutting edge, covering even special operations. Swedish cutter SECO - quality, modern and effective tool.


            High-tech equipment for taps, power chucks. DIN 69871, DIN 2080, KM, Capto, MAS BT, VDI.


            ZPS milling tools is one of the largest manufacturers of cutting tools made of high speed steel (HSS) in the Czech Republic. The company is divided into two divisions: production tool and vacuum hardening shop. The company manufactures milling tools in accordance with DIN and CSN, as well as the fabrication of special cutters on customer orders.


            Company ALG is one of the largest Russian companies that produce high-quality carbide tools. Since 2008 belongs to a group Pramet.

            The main product lines are:
            • Inserts for machining of rail wheels and axles
            • Plates for heavy turning
            • ISO standard inserts for turning and milling machining
            • Monolithic disc cutters
            • Special inserts

            Microbor Nanotech

            The company "Microbor Nanotech" develops and manufactures composite materials of cubic boron nitride (CBN), nano-CBN (NKNB), and is a manufacturer of tools from these materials. The range includes solid and brazed tools for turning and milling.


            Matrix company more than 20 years engaged in the production of the breakdown of tools and equipment for koordiantno-punch presses of various manufacturers. The company constantly invests most of its profits for the development of both production and development and new types of tools and engineered solutions.

            Tools and accessories manufacturing company MATRIX put on their equipment vendors such as: DURMA (Turkey), IMAC (Italy), FINN POWER (Finland), etc.



            ROLLERI company for over 25 years engaged in the production of equipment and tools for bending machines from different manufacturers. During this time, has gained vast experience that allows for both high-quality tool, and advise the customer on all issues.



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