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Modern cutting and bending tools and accessories

«STANKOINVEST» - is distributor of leading European and Russian manufacturers of instrument and accessories for mechanical machining and sheet machining equipment.


  • Design and installation of  technological solutions
  • Selection and equipment instrumentation and calculation of cutting modes.
  • Exchange of existing instruments for innovative and more high performance
  • Technological audit of enterprise mechanical machining equipment
  • Technical support: consulting on technical issues, assistance in integration
  • Information support (information about latest achievements and recent developments in the sphere of enterprise tooling management)
  • Personnel training

 In its projects the company uses

  • Instruments for turning, milling, tooling, thread milling, made of high-speed steel and hard alloys of cubic boron nitride, polycrystalline diamond and other materials.
  • Accessories for machines of different standards.

«STANKOINVEST» has realized a lot of projects on high-productive instrumentation of new equipment, and also technical re-equipment of enterprises on the existing equipment using modern advanced technologies and optimization of tools and cutting modes application.


  • Rough turning  (depth up to 40 mm at feed up to 3 mm/rev);
  • Rough milling (cutters diameters up to 500 mm, depth up to 22 mm);
  • From rough to finishing turning of tempered steels, chilled iron, on-welds;
  • Wide range of tools for various applications;
  • Processing of threads in various ways for all materials;
  • Wide assortment of instruments;
  • Possibility of manufacturing special tools;
  • Availability of training materials, training of Customer’s specialists


During the realization of the projects we perform Customer’s personnel training with the purpose to solidify the received theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Specialists of the company have official certificates and regularly undergo training for the programs of leading manufacturers of cutting tools that cover issues from the history of metal processing, types and properties of processed materials, geometry of tools cutting part, abrasion theory and cutting process to the issues of metal processing economics.

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