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Filtration and recuperation systems

At present there are a lot of grounds for using gas and dust treatment systems and ventilation systems in industry. This is not only due to H&S requirements, but also for the increase of staff and equipment working efficiency, and also for energy and resources saving.

Used technologies allow realizing the following types of ventilation systems

  • Local extraction ventilation: in this case various pollutions are removed directly from the source, then they are either filtered and discharged outside, or polluted air is directly discharged outside.
  • Industrial filtration systems – in this case enterprises are equipped with filtering – ventilation bag units with capacity up to 2 mln. m3/h. These package solutions are applied in such industries as mining, metallurgical, cement producing. At that various types of filters are used (cartridge, bag, cassette), both with or without self-cleaning function. Also the type of ventilation units is selected depending on the types of removed dust. Collected dust is usually recycled (especially in cement production), that allows to get additional economy of using the units.
  • Heat exchangers: this equipment is applied in civil and industrial construction (it means that besides the living houses and trades centers this equipment can be used at industrial objects: warehouses, hangars, workshops). This technology, besides ventilation of rooms allows significantly reduce expenses on rooms heating in cold seasons.

Systems also differ in treatment level and filtration degree:

  • Rough filtering units (dust over 10 micron)
  • Fine filtering units (dust from  1 to 10 mc)
  • Equipment using HEPA filters (dust less 1 mc)

Our company has necessary competence for engineering and realization of ventilation systems for various purposes and can install gas treatment and aspiration system that will increase the productivity of your enterprise. 

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