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Solutions for galvanizing and water treatment workshops

One of the priority development directions of our company is engineering of galvanizing and sewage treatment systems of any complexity, with further undergoing of State examination.

We realize construction projects of:

  • Galvanic-chemical productions;
  • Production of boards;
  • Sewage treatment facilities;
  • System for production of demineralized water for any industry;

These solutions are integrated in the cases technical re-equipping, overhaul, reconstruction and construction from scratch. We have possibilities of cooperation with trade and project institutes.

The range of the supplied equipment includes traditional galvanizing lines, specialized lines for the machining of aluminium products, surface cleaning lines and conversion coating. We suggest all ways of surface machining: in baskets, drums, on suspensions, combinations of various technologies and constructions according to individual orders. Manipulators used for handling of worked pieces are also of different construction: overhead, portal, console, special manipulators.

In our company You will receive professional assistance on different issues from the field of electroplating, and also solution of the following issues:

  • Consultation on electroplating production processes
  • Package solution of issues, concerning supply and installation of electroplating equipment, and also sewage treatment units in accordance with environmental requirements of RF.
  • Project works on the construction and reconstruction of electroplating production

Package solution from "STANKOINVEST" considers various activities aspects of the Customers. During the realization of the projects we use the equipment of the best world and national suppliers.

Sewage treatment plants are designed specially for removal of anions, ions of heavy metals, petroleum products, SAS and other substances.

At present there is a great amount of treatment methods known (mechanical, chemical and electro-chemical, membrane, sorption, etc.) at that compliance with all MPC parameters cannot provide any of the ways separately. That is why usually several methods are used simultaneously.

Presence of continuous treatment scheme is a crucial component for electroplating lines. There are standards for the water quality in each region that should be considered during the production design. An important factor is the layout of the electroplating equipment. Rational use of some components can lead to a significant reduction of sewage amount.

Our company offers a lot of ways for electroplate lines optimization – for example, partial water circulation or closed water supply circuit. Each of these methods requires different equipment layout.

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