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Integrated supply and implementation

Increase of production effectiveness is achieved due to:

  • Calculation of economical effectiveness of the project.
  • Working through of the enterprise territory logistics.
  • Organization of space inside the work shop, with the selection of main equipment and inter-machine mechanization systems.
  • Calculation and selection of auxiliary production systems.
  • Development and integration of new technological processes.
  • Effective solutions for the automation of main and auxiliary technological processes.
  • Change or modernization of equipment.
  • Equipment with modern cutting tools both existing and new equipment.
  • Training the Customer’s personnel.

Within the realized projects thanks to such activities the following results were reached:

  • Increase of productivity, increase of yield up to 100%.
  • Decrease of labor intensity for the production of the details in 5-18 times.
  • Cost reduce, products quality improvement of metal machining enterprises.
  • Increase of product mix.
  • Minimization of required personnel.
  • Increase of profit in the short run.
  • Time reduction of production cycles.


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