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Energy machining

Enterprises of this branch produce main and auxiliary equipment for thermal, hydraulic and gas turbine plants, and also for common needs of energy industry. Being one of basic economy branches, meets the requirements of the whole country, power industry needs innovation products of highest quality. That is why supply of all power machinery complex of the branch with up-to-date technologies is an important and responsible task that is possible only for leading branch organizations, having necessary skills and resources.

«STANKOINVEST» is one of the leaders in development and realization of package solutions for enterprises of power energy machine building. Production engineering, including working out of new technologies, design of work shops, calculation of the payback, amount of necessary equipment, technical- commercial basis and other possibilities are offered by our company when working with enterprises of this industry.

We offer effective package solutions for the production of turbines, energy blocks, piping fittings, large welded structures, various automation projects for machine-assembly departments and work shops. 

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