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At present «STANKOINVEST» company is an engineering center, working in several directions, one of which is shipbuilding.

Long-lasting progressive development, and also close cooperation with world leaders allowed to receive essential competence in the field of shipbuilding enterprises design. Being a professional in its market segment, we are ready to perform works of different complexity, from working through of enterprise concept to the “turnkey” production supply. We divide shipbuilding in four main segments:

1.Mechanical repair department


  • Panels assembly lines
  • Profiles and bars cutting lines
  • T- and H-shaped bars welding lines
  • Ribs welding lines


    • Equipment for the completing of passenger vessels
    • Electrical hoists
    • Hatch covers
    • Hydraulic hoists
    • Ship cranes units
    • Equipment for ships RoRo
    • Side loading systems
    • Compressed air plants for ships

    4.Logistics and storage

    • Transporting equipment including:
    • Systems for metal handling and storage
    • Systems for sections handling
    • Dismounting systems
    • Crane equipment
    • Forklifts
    • Industrial cranes
    • Ship building erection cranes
    • Storage systems
    • Automated storage complexes
    • Partially automated storage complexes

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