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Aircraft engineering

Aviation is one of the strategic industries of all Russian economy. Growth of civil aircraft industry is provided by Federal target programs, the purpose of which is the organization of competitive aircraft enterprises and their return to the world market. Also one of the results of this industry scaling transformations is the creation of corporations, able to treat as an equal such companies as Airbus and Boeing.

Today in Russia there are several large aviation civil projects. For their realization it is necessary to re-equip enterprises cardinally. Many enterprises, working with the existing equipment, are not able to meet the requirements of the branch; therefore, for the realization of aviation orders, it is necessary to reconstruct these work shops, and also to build new production facilities.

«STANKOINVEST» has possibility to redefine aviation enterprises by means of realization of innovation engineering solutions. Our company reconstructs and builds “from the scratch” enterprises, producing aviation motors, fuel flow systems, chassis, and other main and auxiliary technical components. We cooperate with this branch in the aspect of engineering and realization of highly specialized projects, the realization of which essentially increases effectiveness and give possibility to refresh the product mix.

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