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Financial assistance

The company «STANKOINVEST» provides the whole range of services for managing construction project or project on machine building enterprise modernization on EPC (EPCM) conditions.

One of the services is selection of financial instruments, allowing to realize large-scale capital investments in the development of material and technical base of any enterprise.

Company «Note-Leasing» — is a universal leasing company and a reliable financial partner for corporate clients. Together with this leasing company we worked out a special program for machine building and metal working enterprises.

In comparison to other ways of purchasing equipment (payment after delivery, purchase on a deferred basis, bank credit, etc.) leasing has its significant advantages:

  • Economy of significant sums of money when paying profit tax to the budget due to assessment of charges on prime cost.
  • Possibility to offset VAT, paid for leasing.
  • Quick retreatment of investments by using accelerated amortization mechanism towards the object of leasing.
  • Reduction of prime cost of leasing object with the consideration of article «Amortization of main funds».
  • Additional profit earning during the realization of leasing project due to the difference in market price.
  • Equipment inventory on the balance of lessor or lessee with preservation of accelerated amortization.
  • Total amortization of equipment using accelerated amortization with coefficient up to 3.

 Individual approach

Nota Leasing

  1. Company (lessee) signs a contract with the leasing company leasing; leasing company enters into a contract with the supplier.
  2. Supplier provides equipment (leasing object)
  3. Leasing Company (lessor) will cover equipment
  4. Leasing Company transfers property leasing company
  5. The company pays the lease payments


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