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Solutions for mechanical processing

After analyzing industrial environment of the Customer, company specialists offer possible ways to increase productivity, using optimal solutions. Supply and integration of modern equipment of world leading manufacturers.

Automation of mechanical machining is possible in two directions:

  • For mass production  - creation of multi positional machines, automated lines and plants;
  • For individual and serial production – using series of machines with programmable control and machines with servo control.

Due to the improvement of mechanical processing and production of new machines, containing various additional operation combinations, there is possibility to make optimal production schemes, considering specifics of each Customer.

Specialists of «STANKOINVEST», using its knowledge and following the branch innovations, offer most effective solutions of organizing mechanical processing production.

 Effective solutions for mechanical processing automation allow:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Improve the quality.
  • Reduce the amount of the personnel.
  • Increase profitability within short perspective.

Realization of complex approach to work with enterprises at all stages of production process: from  product development and technological solutions — to supply of new equipment and cutting tools, production of product samples, personnel training, warranty and post-warranty service.

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