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Ultrasonic and laser machining

Ultrasonic and laser machining – are two advanced technologies, that open a new stage in mechanical machining of materials. The most important innovation of these technologies is the possibility to perform the processing of hard and super hard materials (such as glass ceramic, ceramic, granite), that were considered difficult for processing before,  and also  possibility of contactless machining, including complicated details of complicated shape.

Ultrasonic machining – involves very quick spindle rotation (up to 42000 rpm), with simultaneous swaying of diamond tools along axis Z. The effect that appears in the result gives possibility of machining material practically of any hardness due to knocking of particles out of worked material.

Laser technology involves impact of laser beam on worked piece (that is not of sheet shape). At that equipment is to sufficient degree specialized and for specific operations (tools machining, 3D machining and high accuracy machining, broaching) different series of machines are used.

"STANKOINVEST" integrates new technologies of mechanical machining at machine building enterprises, increasing their productivity and effectiveness. 

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