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Grinding – is a process of mechanical processing of the work piece by abrasive materials for minimum roughness. Abrasive (usually out of diamond, corundum, etc. Hard natural or artificial materials), is used in  abrasive disks, belts, etc.

Grinding equipment is used for finished processing with accuracy up to 0,001 mm and for the receiving of necessary roughness.

Grinding machines are divided into the following types:

  • Circular grinding  – for the machining of external cone and cylindrical surfaces
  • Internal grinding  – for the machining of internal surfaces;
  • Surface grinding  – for the machining of flat surfaces;
  • special – spline grinding, tooth grinding, thread-grinding, etc.;
  • grinding – for the grinding of cutting tools.

Most widely spread machines in industry are of the first two types.

Machining of the work piece on the circular grinding machine is carried out by means of grinding wheel rotation, removing chips from it, and the work piece itself moves back-and-forth along the equipment.

Surface grinding machines are divided in the ones that grind by means of round side and flat front part of the grinding wheel. The most wide spread equipment nowadays - with rectangular table and spindle,  located horizontally, for the machining of work pieces by side part of the grinding tool.

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