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Modernization of equipment

Modernization of equipment is necessary in cases when  the existing equipment  is out of date and there are new machines at the market, that are more user-friendly and their production capacity is higher, but the purchase of such equipment is not of economic benefit. This can be justified by the fact that operating complexes at the enterprise in good physical condition and can operate for several more years, and increase in productivity of new equipment will not increase total productivity, that does not make its purchase reasonable.

There are several types of modernization.

  • Minor modernization – usually comprises change of equipment tools. In other words, all tools and accessories are completely changed. As a result, at minimum expenses we have the increase of machine effectiveness.
  • Change of control system. In this case the CNC system is changed for a newer one (with bigger memory, more powerful processor, etc.). Also DRO can be changed for the CNC that increases machine productivity and operator working effectiveness.
  • Modernization of electrical equipment. Feeding drives and motors are changed as well as conductors and various sensors. This can increase machining accuracy, spindle speed, etc.
  • Modernization of machine mechanical parts. Is necessary in case of physical wear out of different machine components.

«STANKOINVEST» company offers to the Customers a complex service range, connected with equipment modernization: revision of the existing machinery, calculation of economical effectiveness of the project, erection and maintenance of the modernized equipment.

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