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Rolled metal machining

Rolled metal – metal products, received by means of plastic deformation. There are different types of rolled metal that is divided into rolled section and special. These types of rolled metal are widely spread in shipbuilding, machine building…

  • Rolled section can be of several types: round, square and hexagonal section, rebar, strips, pipes and other.  
  • Also there is a complicated rolled metal (rails, angles, channels, flange beams and bulbe bars), that is sometimes classified as structural shapes. Using this type of rolled metal widely spread in construction, machine detail production, steel structures production, shipbuilding.

Out company uses state-of-the-art developments and technologies when finding solutions, connected with rolled metal machining, we can realize project of any complexity, using equipment for different types of rolled metal (feeding lines and profiling lines, pipes bending machines, equipment for profile bending and  band saw machines).

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