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Working out of new quality control technology for high-speed train gears

Транспортное машиностроение

The Customer – leader at transportation engineering market of Russia. Company enterprises produce main electric locomotives and electric-industrial locomotives, mainline and shunting diesel locomotives, marine diesel and diesel locomotive engines and other products.

Target:  To provide quality control of high-speed locomotives gears.

Solution: Was performed analysis of the existing control technology. Was offered to go over to new control technology, by changing the complex of controlled parameters and integrating new methods and means of control

Equipment: Measuring complex for gears control GT 1000 Geartec, specially designed for this project

Reached effect

  • Provision of inversion principle - technological, measuring and operational basis comply
  • Improvement of quality and accuracy of gears production
  • Reduction of time and costs on gear production machinery alignment
  • Minimizing of control stages and, consequently, reduction of technological process time
  • 100% gears control, in accordance with the required control standards

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