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Project working our of new production of piping fittings details

Company profile – piping, shut-off, regulating, safety ship fittings. 


Products manufactured by the enterprise: dampers, ball valves, valves, clack valves, regulators, safety valves, etc.

Material: stainless steel, bronze, brass, titanium.

Task for "STANKOINVEST" – to increase production volumes two times, decrease labor inputs.

Project aims: working out of the project for new production for manufacturing of piping fittings on the basis of advanced technological approaches, changing of morally and physically out-of-date equipment for modern high technological one.

Within the contract concluded with "STANKOINVEST" the following activities were performed:

  • Evaluation of current  technological condition of production;
  • Calculation of production time norms for standard details using new equipment;
  • Calculation of needs for new equipment within the stated production schedule;
  • Design of the layout for the new equipment in production work shop of the plant:
  • Working out of new technological processes for details production  per each unit of new equipment with the selection of new cutting tools;
  • Working out of CNC for details production.

Цех по ремонту арматуры

In the result of executing a complete scope of works according to the contract:

  • Were worked out technological processes and CNC for new equipment;
  • Were delivered metal cutting and auxiliary tools for the worked out processes;
  • Within the commissioning works and personnel training  according to the worked out processes and CNC were produced details and handed to QC Department of the plant;
  • Was performed personnel training

Achieved results:

  • Increase of production in two times.
  • Increase of product range
  • Decrease of labor input 5-14 times.


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