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Engineering and fitting out of mechanical repair shop with administration building

Oil refinery is a part of vertically integrated structure. Capacity of Oil refinery is 8 million tons (58,5 million barrels) of petroleum per year.

Проект ремонтно-механического цеха

Purpose: Enlargement of MRD. Design and fitting out of MRD with Administration building and MRD area for heat exchanging equipment cleaning.

1. In MRD with AB were included the following area:

  • Repair and testing department for piping fittings and ventilation devices;
  • Repair department for heat exchanging equipment,
  • Isolated auxiliary rooms:
  • Grinding-in area, 6х6 m;
  • Seals production area, 6х6 m;
  • Laboratory, 6х6 m;
  • Instrument giving out room with rest room 6х6 m.

For the mechanization of handling operations are foreseen overhead cranes with lifting capacity 12,5 tons with electrical drive

2. Stationary washing area  for tube bundles of heat exchanging units.

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