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Engineering and fitting out of new repair maintenance work shop for the petrochemistry complex

Проект ремонтно-механического цеха

The project supposes production of polymers (polyethylene and polypropylene), benzol, olefins and some other petrochemicals. Capacity of the first project run will make 3,4 million tons of raw materials per year.

Purpose: engineering and fitting out of new mechanical repair department of petrochemical complex.

Mechanical repair department refers to mechanical supervisor staff and is purposed for execution of diagnostic works, technical maintenance and routine maintenance of mechanical equipment, both of the mail units of the plant and offsite services.


Within the project were performed the following activities:

  • Technological solutions;
  • Constructive solutions;
  • Travelling algorithm for units and aggregates under repair;
  • Route charts for units and aggregates under repair;
  • Selection of equipment, labor saving devices and tools according to technological process;
  • Design of accessories, fitting out and patterns;
  • Utilities supply-removal;
  • Calculation of optimal manpower;
  • Characteristics and content of construction objects.

Проект ремонтно-механического цеха

Mechanical repair site consists of the following areas:

Reinforcement area (repair of shut-off valves and SPRV)
Can-roofing area
Mechanical area
Optional equipment production area
Repair department for heat-exchanging equipment
Cleaning department for technological equipment and aggregates
Repair and balancing department for pump-and-compressor equipment
Galvanic area
Wood working workshop
Painting area of mechanical repair department
Compressed air plant of mechanical repair department
Storage facilities of  mechanical repair department
Details washing area
Repair site for water supply network
Repair site for sewage network
Repair site for steam supply network
Repair site for heating network and ventilation
Repair site for condensate facilities
Sandblasting area
Assembly-welding area
Rooms for ventilation chambers (inlet and outlet)
Operating room for ventilation systems
Heat substation
Transformer substation
Welfare rooms, ETP offices, technical archive
Canteen of цеха mechanical repair department
Medical station


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