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Working out and integration of principally new technology for the production of tube plates.

Трубные доски для машиностроения

Company profile – chemical machine engineering.

Company products – heavy and middle-weight facilities for chemical industry: vessels, reservoirs, heat exchangers, piping, etc.

Target for "STANKOINVEST" – to increase yield and development of new mix of heat exchangers.

Project purposes: working out and integration of principally new technology for the production of tube plates.

Within the concluded Contract the following works were performed:

  • Working out of equipment list;
  • Working out of cutting tools and measuring tools list; 
  • Calculation of production time norms for standard details using new equipment;
  • Calculation of needs for new equipment within the stated production schedule; 
  • Working out of new technological processes for details production  per each unit of new equipment with the selection of new cutting tools;
  • Working out of CNC for the details production

    In the result of executing a complete scope of works according to the contract:

    • Were supplied 2 units of equipment;
    • Were worked out technological processes and CNC for new equipment;
    • Were delivered metal cutting and auxiliary tools for the worked out processes;
    • Within the commissioning works and personnel training  according to the worked out processes and CNC were produced details and handed to QC Department of the plant;
    • Was performed personnel training 

    Achieved results:

    • Development of innovative technology for the production of tube plates;
    • Establishment of new mix production;
    • Labor hours were considerably reduced;
    • Details production cycle was reduced  (for example: tube plate thickness - 180 mm, steel 20. old labor hours – 62,5 h/w, new  labor hours – 1,8 h/w).


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