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Tools for sheet metal working equipment

Main types of instruments for sheet-bending equipment are:

  • Matrix (immovable parts  of bending mechanism and metal punching) 
  • Hobs (movable parts of instrumentation for sheet-bending and punching presses)
  • Guillotine cutters and blades (instrument for metal cutting on guillotines)

To a large extent the quality of equipment defines accuracy during the processing of sheet metal, therefore in situation when renovation of machinery equipment is not budgeted there is the way of minor modernization, i.e. exchange of existing tools for more modern one, corresponding to the latest standards. Such decision usually leads to a significant increase of productivity at relatively little expenses.

In case when at the enterprise is used equipment that does not need to be neither changed not modernized then tools become one of accuracy factors. During sheet-metal processing tools are liable to growing blunt and losing its initial features. During the tools change more effective and expensive solution will be using original tools.

If there is not such possibility then there are a lot of manufacturers, producing sheet-metal machining tools and instrumentation that comply with various standards and fit to the equipment for sheet-metal processing.

In this direction "STANKOINVEST" cooperates with tools manufacturers from Germany and Italy:

  • Rolleri (instruments for sheet-metal bending machines)
  • Matrix (punching tools)
  • EHT (original instruments for sheet bending presses, guillotine knives)


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