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Storage systems

For the optimization of storage operation and its co-work with enterprise logistics system, at present is developed large amount of storage equipment. Main purpose of optimization is safe storage of commodities and materials (CM), high capacity and effectiveness of the equipment. Storage systems are divided according to automation level in automated, semi-automated and mechanical.

  • Automated storage complexes

Designed for maximum effectiveness of CM storage. Usually such systems are characterizes by high level of materials preservation, address storage system, high productivity and minimal amount of equipment and personnel for cargo traffic processing.

  • Semi-automated storage complexes

Simplified automated storage is primarily necessary at standard work pace or if there is not any economic necessity of using the advantages of automated complexes. In this case part of functions of automated storage is transferred to manual control. Due to such approach the storage works with accepted automation degree, but investments in its construction are significantly lower.

  • Mechanical storage complexes

The most widely spread storage option, which, provided modern equipment is used, can be improved as regards to capacity, productivity, etc.

  • Systems for metal handling and storage

The systems of horizontal handling of materials, on the basis of transport carriages with pneumatic wheels. Designed for the cost reduction on metal handling. Is a direct alternative to rail way transport.

Main advantages of these systems are high maneuvering and productivity that help to reduce the amount of required equipment units. Because of low operation costs this system is considered to be one of the most effective systems nowadays. One of the brightest representatives of this direction is special automated and semi-automated cars, allowing handling large cargo in the workshops with high maneuvering, without link to rail ways. Such cars are widely used at the areas of ship units production and assembly.

  • Handling systems with double run

These systems – are locomobiles, equipment for convoys, that is more maneuvering and economic that standard locomotive. High effectiveness is ensured by strong clutch of rubber wheel with rail, that is beneficial for requirements to engine power. High maneuvering allows to work without down time during cargo handling of trains.

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