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International aviation and space salon MAKS 2013 is completed

Диплом участника МАКС 2013 Completed its work the largest international air show MAKS 2013. This year at the airfield "Ramenskoye" more than a thousand companies from 40 countries presented their latest developments in the field of aerospace structures.

HC "STANKOINVEST" demonstrated at its examples of successfully implemented projects in the engineering machinery. Also cutting tools of such companies as Pramet, Ferg, Microbor, ZPS were demonstrated.

Particular attention was attracted new visitors - the proposal developed in conjunction with NOTE - BANK specifically for machine-building enterprises. Now customers of HC "STANKOINVEST" can receive a full package of services, including the selection of financial instruments that allow for large-scale capital investments in the development of the material-technical base of any production.

MAKS - 2013 was charachterized by large amount of meetings of leading industry experts, civil customers, the world's best manufacturers. Was presented a number of innovative projects and products, held its job International Aviation Congress, devoted to improving the competitiveness of high-tech production and investment in innovation.

For 6 days of MAKS - 2013 was signed by a record number of contracts, which certainly will bring the Russian production of aircraft components and final engineering designs to the next level.

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