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Engineering of machining types and processes for the manufacturer of ship fittings

Судовая арматура

The company produces regulatory, safety ship fittings. Number of employees – 1500.

Plant products: valves, ball valves, dampers, clack valves, regulators, safety valves, etc. Material: stainless steel, bronze, brass, titanium.

Target for "STANKOINVEST" – to work out the project of complete production cycle for piping fittings.

Project aims: engineering of machining types and processes:

  • Preparation
  • Thermal processing
  • Mechanical processing
  • Pad welding
  • Galvanics
  • Assembly
  • Tests
  • Painting
  • Package


Проект производства судовой арматуры

Within the concluded Contract the following works were performed:

  • Calculation of production time norms for standard details using new equipment;
  • Evaluation of current  technological condition of production;
  • Design of the layout for the new equipment in production work shop of the plant:
  • Working out of new technological processes for details production  per each unit of new equipment with the selection of new cutting tools;


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