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Documentation design for projecting of industrial piping fittings production.

The Customer – the largest machine building complex in Russia and CIS. 

Производство арматурыTargets for "STANKOINVEST" – design of technical documentation for the project of  industrial piping fittings production.

Project purposes: engineering of production area including departments for:

  • Mechanical machining of details and assembly units;
  • Welding and on-welding;
  • Assembly;
  • Testing of industrial piping fittings.

Производство арматуры

Within the concluded Contract the following works were performed:

  • Design of principal production technique for sample details and assembly units with the indication of operation routes, affected equipment, calculation of machining modes and labour hours;
  • Calculation of production capacities for the production on engineered production for types of works;
  • Preparation of offers on technical-economical practicability of repair works and modernization  of the existing equipment, suggested for use;
  • Definition of additional equipment quantity for the provision of design capacity for production output and preparation of offers for the purchase of new equipment;
  • Design of layout for projected production;
  • Working out of enlarged technical and economic project assessment and definition of approximate investments payback period.

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