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New quality control technology for the turbine disks production process for air craft enterprise


The Customer - Russian machine building company, specializing in development and production of  gas-turbine engines for  civil aviation and ships of naval forces. We realize the program of complex modernization of production and integration of advanced technologies.

Purpose: to improve the quality of turbine disks production because of the beginning of serial production of  motors for new air planes line.

Solutions: The existing control technology was carried out. It was suggested to completely reconsider this technology and pass over from 6 disk parameter control to 19 disk parameter control. Was designed absolutely new control technology, allowing to improve the quality of he whole disk production process.

Equipment: Special measuring projector ST 1000 VS Dr. Schneider Messtechnik, equipped with rotary table and contact probe.

This device – is actually a specialized coordinates-measuring machine, created on the basis of projector. Such device is unique not only for Russia, but also for other countries. All in all there are 5such devices in operation, and all of them are inferior in their abilities to the machine, designed for this enterprise.

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